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Satac Commercial Sprayed Celulose Insulation

Our Company uses exclusively Fiberlite Technologies, Inc. Sprayed Cellulose Products

Who says insulation has to be ugly?
Form, Function and Beauty all in one, Satac Commercial Sprayed Cellulose.
This Product is available in White, Off White, Tan, Oyster and Grey.

Satac is usually applied in metal buildings but we found a new place to use it.  Check out our latest Satac sprayed project.

The newly remodeled nearly completed Communication Center at the American College of Technology St. Joseph, MO
This room will have cubicles with 10+ operators.  This Material has an absolutely incredible sound abortion ability this is why we used it in this room.
Notice the Mini Split heat pump in the upper left corner.  We installed two Heat pumps in this room.

When asked to describe what the finished look will be, I reply "sort of looks like your in a cave".

More views of the Communication Center.

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