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Open Wall Sprayed Cellulose Insulation

We use exclusively the best Cellulose insulation you can buy from www.fiberlitetech.com

Open wall sprayed cellulose Insulation in new construction and remodeling is the most cost effective way to insulate wall cavities because:

  • Every single cavity is a different size and the sprayed method completely fills every cavity.
  • Wiring, plumbing and other objects located in the cavity are completely encapsulated with a spayed application.
  • Insulation density is easily controlled.
  • choice of the Insulation that is sprayed into the cavity is of utmost importance.
    • Imagine your home is 3 or more years old and you realize you can't afford the utility bills.
    • You realize that the choice of the material in your wall cavities was the wrong choice.
    • It would be easier to jack your house off of its foundation remove and replace the foundation than it would be to remove and replace the insulation.

The above photo shows a typical install of fiberglass along side of sprayed cellulose with objects located in the wall.

Is is easy to see the gaps and voids in the cavity on the left and see that the cavity on the right is completely filled around the objects.

The above photo shows a remodel project with the old style of box board on the outside wall.

Can you imagine all the air that would flow through a fiberglass batts installed into this home from the cracks in the siding.  We sprayed cellulose into this 100 year old home and the owner is thrilled with the results.  His home is warm and comfortable and he doesn’t have a shock every time he opens his utility bill.

Don't buy into the hype of fiberglass insulation that you will save money on buying the material, because the utility bills are the real indicator of savings.

This February 2014 I heard from one of my customers Dave who hired us to insulate and install a geothermal heat pump into his newly built home in 2006.  Dave's home was the first and is the largest home in his subdivision.  His all electric home's January electricity bill was $225, his entire subdivision is all electric with United Electric Coop as the provider and the electrical rate is about .16 per KW.  I have received 2 phone calls from 2 of his neighbors this winter wanting to lower their $535 and $602 January light bill.  When I visited their homes I quickly saw the reason their bills were so high.  Here is what I found.

  • Both homes were 300-500 square feet smaller than Dave's home.
  • The homes had air to air heat pumps and resistance back up heat strips and all were in proper working condition.
  • The homes were insulated with fiberglass batts in the exterior walls.
  • The homes were insulated with 16" of InsulSafe a white (looks like snow) fiberglass blowing wool insulation in the attic.  Look it up on Google but Don't buy it.
  • These home owners saved about $1200 on the installation price of fiberglass insulation in their new home.
  • With $500 & $600 monthly electrical bills it is very clear the $1200 savings on installation of fiberglass when they built the home will haunt them each month when they pay the additional $300-$400 more in electrical bills.
  • If these 2 home owners would have chosen sprayed cellulose insulation they could have paid the $300-$400 savings to the bank on the principal of the mortgage and it would have saved them thousands on mortgage interest and built their equity in the home and greatly shortened the years of their mortgage, instead the $300-$400 is just gone and they can only wait until the next electrical bill arrives in the mail box.
  • They can add Sprayed Cellulose insulation to the attic on top of the fiberglass to form a seal, and this will be a good improvement because it will stop the convection that is occurring in the fiberglass insulation, but the walls are sealed in stone, OK not stone but sheet rock.

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