Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are often confusing to people but don't worry Goodman Heating & Cooling understands heat pumps, and we know how to service and install them. We can service and install Air to Air and Geo-Thermal or Ground Source Heat Pumps. Simply put, heat pumps are A/C's running in reverse. The indoor coil is now the condenser coil and the outdoor coil is now the evaporator. A couple of extra controls and you have a heat pump.

Air to Air or conventional heat pumps don't require loop piping.

Loop giping for Geo Thermal geat pumps

Loop piping for Geo-Thermal heat pump ready to be buried.

Geo-Thermal Heat Pumps

Heat pumps have SEER ratings

Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio is the acronym for SEER and is used for AC and Heat pumps. Generally the higher the SEER the more energy efficient the AC or Heat Pump will be. The higher the SEER the higher the cost of buying and installing the equipment. Higher SEER equipment has more bells and whistles which can mean higher repair costs if a break down does occurs This begs the question is it worth it to spend more on the equipment and less on electricity? This article was written to help homeowners to answer this question.

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