OOPS! This section is photos we have taken in homes where the other guy installed the equipment. It becomes clear who you choose to install your equipment is very important. Call Goodman Heating & Cooling today we do it right.

The other guy installed this furnace behind a post. If the blower ever fails or needs cleaned the furnace would have to be removed in order to remove the blower from the furnace.

Same furnace different view. Notice the old furnace is still there.

The other guys installed this furnace in a closet. The closet doors can be easily removed however, in the next photo you can see it's not enough!

Looking down from inside the closet you can see that with the doors removed about 8" of the furnace is overlapped by the wall framing. This would be a nightmare to remove the blower housing. What you can't see is the water heater would have to be removed then the furnace just to pull out the blower for service. It would be an all day, maybe longer project to service just the blower. Under normal conditions a blower can be removed in less than 5 minutes. Building codes mandates 24" clearance in front of service panels.

Why you need Preventative Maintenance (PM)

This Section of photos come is of HVAC equipment where proper maintenance was not performed.

A look at the left side inlet of the indoor A/C evaporator A-coil that is located on top of the furnace. No filter changes were ever made, the filter collapsed and fell down into the blower section effectively no filter was in place. The A-Coil then became the filter. Not only does the A-coil collect the dirt, the blower wheel and secondary heat exchanger of the furnace will collect dirt and plug up

This is the right side of the same coil. To properly clean the A-coil the refrigerant needs to be pumped down, cut the refrigeration tubing and remove the coil, power wash it clean, reinstall, braze the tubing back together while sweeping nitrogen through the tubing, pressure test, pull a proper vacuum, drop the refrigerant charge back into the system and adjust charge. This process takes about 3-4 hours and cost $500 or more.

Another A-coil looking at the right side. Notice the bare fins in the center, a piece of paper was removed, the rest of the black stuff covering the inlet of the A-coil is from the homeowners black cat. This furnace was operated with no filter. The bare fins is how the entire coil should look. This coil was freezing up which prompted the service call.

This photo is of a furnace heatexchanger. The hole and the cracking is the result of overheating due to the A-coil being plugged with dirt. If you have a failed heatexchanger the fix is to replace the furnace. Preventative Maintenance is crucial to energy efficiency and longevity of your furnace and A/C system. Call Goodman Heating & Cooling to provide proper Preventative Maintenance for your system.